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EA is here to help! We offer many options to help including Roundtable, Legal Briefings, Surveys, Hotline, Assessments & Courses.

Human Resources

PHR/SHPH/SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP Certification Study Course presented by Catapult Employers Association (Sister Association of EA West Michigan)

HR Certification Prep Course

When you have any questions regarding safety management, standards, policies or practices, give EA a call. We will provide appropriate support documentation, forms and samples, as well as survey data on how other companies handle various situations such as accident reporting, drug testing, personal protective equipment, and more.

Safety Training

EA has been providing eff ective training programs as well as essential development and talent management services to West Michigan employees and companies for decades. Our staff will help you identify the specific training needs of your workforce, a department, or an individual. We will assist you in setting objectives and designing a plan to ensure successful, cost-effective training and development.

Leadership Training

EA offers programs to upskill employees, teams and leaders. Programs are offered through regularly scheduled in-seat and virtual programs, customized in-house and on a consortium basis.

Individual & Team Training

Do you have a few employees that are struggling with the same issue? If so EA is here to help! We offer small group and individual coaching on a wide variety of topics. These one hour virtual coaching sessions will cover a topic for up to 5 participants. Topics can range from email communication to time management.

Small Group and Individual Coaching

EA offers a wide variety of virtual on online trainings including Communication, Conflict, Time Management, Leadership, Supervisory Skills & Safety Training.

Virtual and Online Training

With decades of research to draw from, Emotional Intelligence (EI) is consistently a higher predictor of success than personality or IQ. In fact, when comparing star performers to average performers in leadership roles, 90% of the difference in performance is attributable to EI rather than IQ. To prepare new leaders, reinforce learning from training programs or to address specific performance problems, EI coaching with Deb Tolsma is a game-changer for individuals and organizations.

Emotional Intelligence

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